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My Story

I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Hypothyroidism when I was 17. For almost 10 years, I struggled with chronic hunger, fatigue, weight gain, resistance to weight loss, brain fog, and bloating among other symptoms.

It wasn't until I learned how to eat, exercise, sleep, manage stress, think, and eliminate environmental toxins in a way that was optimal for my own body, that I began eliminating symptoms, managing other symptoms, and decreasing my medication dosage over time. As of today, I have eradicated thyroid antibodies indicative of Hashimoto's and I continue to find ways to manage and heal my remaining Hypothyroidism. 

I have learned that what I thought was "healthy" due to mainstream practices, was actually hurting me. Yes, I have a thyroid disorder, but my daily routines were also not creating the optimal environment to be healthy and energized. When I took the time to understand my own body, undergo functional testing, determine root causes, try new ways of healing, and develop daily habits that became sustainable lifestyle changes, I saw my symptoms disappear or be reduced.

From this experience, I have become aware that many people are struggling with vague symptoms that nothing has seemed to work for, which are usually the result of our environment and habits. In addition, people need help creating and maintaining routines that work for them and that are sustainable. I am now a Certified Health Coach and it is my mission to help you learn about your body and environment so that you develop sustainable nutrition, movement, and environmental lifestyle changes in order to achieve your health goals.

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